I have a confession to make. *sigh, deep breath, pinching bridge of nose as I rise from my folding chair* I am an illiterate English major. Yes, I can read and write, which is an absolute blessing. But I am illiterate in the “uneducated” or “ignorant” definition of the word. I can’t quote Proust, or recite Shakespearean sonnets, or tell you what in the hell was going on throughout most of Ulysses. But I do love words. I love the incalculable power of words to inspire, or frighten, or entertain, or distract, or move us to action. I love the democracy of words as tools. I love the accessibility of the luxury of getting lost in story. I love the ability to read a text differently each time, and never be wrong about its meaning. I love the role of words as toys; blocks for us to build our thoughts and dreams and delusions outside ourselves.

The purpose of writt.org is to celebrate and support the spoken and written word. Each day I research, validate and post a quote from classic literature. They are quotes that made me giggle, or reflect, or get emotional. They might simply be lovely bits of innocuous wordplay or so profound they rattled my senses. However they do it, I post quotes that affect me, in the hope that they will move you as well.

Please join me in this celebration. Start a debate in the comments. Send me your writing inspired by a post. Tag your friends if a quote has brought them to mind. No matter how you choose to get involved, I hope that you will join this illiterate English major in celebration of the spoken and written word.    

-Lucas Hagerty