Central to the writt purpose is support for the organizations, classes and movements that focus on the literary community across the country. To that end, 50% of all merchandise profits will be donated to our current literary partner. And, if you are willing and able, 100% of donations are sent to The Porch via the button below.

If you have an organization that you think could benefit from our support, please reach out via the contact us page. 


Current literary organization partner:


The Porch Writers' Collective

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with The Porch Writers' Collective as our first literary partner. The Porch is a community created to nourish a literary culture in Nashville; and to provide our youth with opportunities for creative expression that will strengthen their literacy and literary skills and prepare them for success as citizens of their communities. 

50% of our merchandise profits will be donated to a specific creative writing program called Creative Writing for Immigrants and Refugees. outlined below.


Creative Writing for Immigrants and Refugees

During this free eight-week creative writing workshop, Middle TN immigrants and refugees explore how to transform life experiences into memoir, and how to write fiction from their imagination. During class, participants read inspiring writers from diverse backgrounds and discuss how they use language to shape their stories. Students learn how to paint a vivid picture in the reader’s mind, how to develop characters, and how to make writing feel alive. Writing prompts are used to shape thoughts into written stories.

The class environment is diverse and welcoming. Past students have hailed from Mexico, Syria, Italy, Colombia, Nepal, Brazil, Liberia, China, and other countries. The Porch welcomes writers who are English learners and have all different levels of experience with creative writing (including none!). Creative writing is a great way to practice and improve English fluency and expression, and this class offers supportive feedback and encouragement from the instructor and other students.

The class is free to students and no ID or documentation is required to sign up.


Past students say:

“Extremely warm and welcoming atmosphere. It really encouraged me to open up and talk.”

“Classes are great. You have the chance to investigate writing and reading in all of its essence and nuance while sharing it with a wonderful group of people.”

“The workshop has been an incredible learning experience ranging from the appreciation of the tools of writing to the diverse experiences brought together by the international audience.”