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Language has taken a bit of a dip in popularity lately. Ideas are measured by the decibels with which they are delivered, not by the creativity with which they are crafted. Words are used more as blunt objects to beat others into submission than as jewels to bring sparkle to self-expression or tools to bring thoughts and emotions to life.

Let us resurrect and celebrate the importance, and fun, of the written word.

That is the goal of– to celebrate words, and their incredible power to move us. Each day, we will post a new quote on Instagram and Facebook from a classic piece of literature that has stood the test of time with the hopes that it moves you, both emotionally and to action. Share the quote with someone with whom you think it will resonate, download and read the full text from the Indulge tab, rant about how stupid the line is or why it brought you to tears. But above all else, join our celebration of the written word.


As readers and writers, we can sometimes fall prey to introversion as we explore and create new worlds through text. Let’s not forget the populations outside our pen and pad and do our part to support those causes that celebrate, empower and embolden our future and fellow literature enthusiasts.

We will highlight such organizations in our support section, with 50% of shop profits being donated to literacy and literary organizations. 


As with any good celebration, all are welcome. That is why we want you to be an active participant in writt. If you have suggestions for the website, or for philanthropic partners, or new products, or want to submit illustrations or quotes, please, please, please reach out. We love to hear from our followers and include them in our celebration of the written word. We look forward to hearing from you.